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Lilliput Lane – Britain in a nutshell

Each tiny, lovingly-made Lilliput Lane Cottage has a story to tell, giving a fascinating insight into the past, time-honoured traditions and ways of life. The cottages are inspired by Britain’s vibrant architectural heritage, by period buildings in remote hamlets and bustling harbours, in ancient villages and verdant country estates as well as in popular market towns and cities. Ever since they were first made in 1982, Lilliput Lane cottages have been designed, made and painted by hand by skilled craftsmen and women in Great Britain, and are loved worldwide for their authenticity and incredible attention to detail.

Every kind of building, from the smallest church and eye-catching thatched cottage to impressive castles, cathedrals and palaces, has been researched by Lilliput Lane’s team of designers and carefully modelled observing architectural peculiarities such as cat lick roofs, crooked finials and battlemented parapets. Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan, Georgian, Victorian and even 20th century styles have been explored, and a host of traditional British artisan and craft skills including baking, blacksmithing, toy-making and weaving have been celebrated by Lilliput Lane’s artistic team, ensuring each cottage is an enchanting step back into the past.

Over the decades mini collections have been created bringing together such different themes as Limited Edition, Christmas, British and Heritage to help guide Lilliput Lane enthusiasts as they select gifts and form individual collections. Whatever your choice, each perfectly-formed Lilliput Lane cottage is full of amazing detail and evokes a warm and comforting sense of nostalgia, as well as an unforgettable glimpse into Britain’s history and unique culture.

The Lilliput Lane Collectors Club dates back to 1986 and thousands of collectors worldwide have been welcomed to the club by the friendly and knowledgeable UK-based club team. Membership brings many benefits including special and exclusive cottages, and through the periodic club magazine, Gulliver’s World, information about the history and stories behind the development of each cottage.